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Senior Java Consultant

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  • Salary: CHF110000 - CHF122000 + 4000 - 7000 CHF bonus.
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  • Job ID: 00126
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Job Description

Specific Duties and responsibilities:

– Lead the Ecommerce development team in the design and development of solutions

– Lead the design and build a new in-house Ecommerce application in line with IT strategy and standards.

– Cross train and mentor our existing staff.

– Work closely with our existing multi-platform and multi-skilled IT development staff.

– Takes responsibility for the design, coding, testing and documentation of particularly large, complex or mission critical programs.

– Leads the provision of IT advice and design and development consultancy.

– Provides expert advice in some or all aspects of the programming methods, tools and/or standards used in the organisation. Evaluates and reviews programming methods and tools used in the organisation.

We require a senior analyst/developer with the following skills/experience:

– Excellent knowledge of JEE web component development, OOAD and UML

– Proven experience of leading small teams of Java Developers

– Excellent knowledge of EJBs, DAOs, JSPs, Servlets, JMS, Struts and Web services

– Excellent Knowledge of Hibernate and Spring

– Excellent knowledge of XML

– Excellent knowledge of SQL

– Multithreaded applications development

– Experience in UI Design, HTML5 & CSS3

– Web application server: Websphere

– Database development: Oracle

– Middleware: MQ Series (development provided by a separate team)

– Development environment: RAD

– Excellent knowledge of JavaScript/ Angular nodes & express


– Knowledge of Origo XML standards

– Knowledge of Struts Tiles Framework

– Knowledge of UI Design for handheld platforms (captive or responsive designing)

– Knowledge of life insurance business

– Oracle certified Programmer/ Expert / Master i.e.

– Java SE Programmer / Sun Certified Java Programmer

– Master Java SE Developer (OCMJD) / Sun Certified Java Developer

– Java EE Web Component Developer/ Sun Certified Web Component Developer

– Java EE Business Component Developer/ Sun Certified Business Component Developer

Essential Skills:

Analytical Thinking: Acquiring understanding of a problem or situation by breaking it down systematically into its component parts and identifying the relationships

Persistence: Driving the team to meet targets and fulfil agreements even when adverse circumstances prevail.

Attention to Detail: Applying quality standards to all tasks undertaken within the team ensuring that nothing is overlooked

Expert in Application Development Tools, Techniques and Standards

Tags: CDI, EJB, Java EE 6, JBoss, JMS, JPA, JSF, REST, SOAP, TomEE, Weblogic

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