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Robotics Process Automation Consultant @ Linklaters

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Job Description

Our vision is that Shared Services delivers transactional business

services within Linklaters and is known for its customer focus,

excellent service delivery, transparency and efficiency.

Bringing services together provides the scale required to simplify /

standardise / automate processes to continuously improve quality,

efficiency and flexibility.

The purpose of this organisation is to:

  • Deliver professional business specific services to clients,
  • meeting high level expectations aligned with our firms’ standards and culture.
  • Continuously improve the quality and efficiency of assigned services.
  • Automate and standardise processes to achieve better efficiency and effectiveness

The role of a Robotics Process & Automation Consultant
is focused on automating the processes and certain tasks within the global
Linklaters firm and development of tools in order to increase
efficiency within the teams. A heavy focus on automation through
Robotics is expected.

Your future key responsibilities and

  • Develop Excel / VBA tools to support process automation.
  • Develop RPA solutions based on Blue Prism technology.
  • Liaise with different business functions to find areas of improvement.
    and automation to bring more efficiency to the firm.
  • Conduct business analysis in order to qualify and plan delivery of
    automation tools.
  • Plan and agree on personal development path with the manager
  • Execute development plan accordingly
  • Initiate/participate in process improvement projects
  • To embed continuous improvement mindset among teams


  • Practical experience Developing Excel and VBA solutions.
  • Developing Robotics solutions through Blue Prism.
  • Implementing automation and improvement solutions among the teams.
  • Process management.
  • Professional experience in the SSC/BPO/ITO environment.
  • VBA expert.
  • Blue Prism experience.
  • Fluent English.