At Accelerit, we’re committed to respecting your privacy. This Privacy Notice is designed to describe to you the basis for the personal data we collect from you, or that is provided by you as part of our recruitment process.

First of all, we use Breezy HR, a web-based hiring platform, to assist in our recruiting and sourcing process. As part of that process Breezy HR will be processing the personal information you’ve shared in accordance with Accelerit instructions.

When we source your profile on Linkedin we only are allowed to ask you for your GDPR consent via GDPR compliant ATS, here we also use Breezy HR. You will receive e-mail with request to give or decline GDPR consent.

If you decide to decline GDPR consent all details of yours will be automatically deleted.

If you accept GDPR consent you will be then asked to formally apply for the role, unless you have already done it and you will become part of recruitment process.

When you apply for a job posted by us, the information we collect / you provide is used to determine whether or not you’re a good fit for current and future roles at our company.

We’ll hold on to your data for up to 24 months and if it turns out we’d like to keep it around longer, we’ll reach out to you for consent first.

Lastly, if if at any point you’d like us to remove the information we’ve collected or share it with you, just let us know

Check with us in a while or if curious about how we do it just mail us on (DPO)

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